Simple Mindful Business Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs
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MICHELE LEE | The Artist Playbook

The Artist Playbook is for Right Brained creative entrepreneurs who are ready to master their online business, from the inside out.

We are here to manifest our destiny so why not design it the way YOU WANT IT.

I mix Spirituality + Strategy. 

I know first hand what it is like runnin' your own show. It's a balancing act of designing, creating, and maintaining so it can fully support you.

As an Artist and super sensitive intuitive I appreciate the Creative Free spirit lifestyle.  

We like to...

write our own rules.

and We want to do what we want to do.

Yet struggle to find the BALANCE between business and personal life. 

Resulting in no real plan, no grounded intention, unfinished tech, and no steady stream of income. Leading to a super stressful life.

I know, I did it.

Jumping from moment to moment eventually leads to overwhelm, burn out and quite frankly, bummed out. 

Here is my 4 Step Framework for success.

  1. CREATE your Day
  2. Manage your TIME efficiently. 
  3. Be SIMPLE and STRATEGIC in your messaging.
  4. Be CONSISTENT with it all.

When you practice these 4 steps.

REAL MAGIC starts to happen.


It doesn't matter how talented you are.

It matters how you navigate your energy efficiently.


Energy flows where attention goes...
— Michael Beckwith


Whether you're surfing the blog, grabbing a free resources, booking a session , or signing up for the waitlist for The Mindful Studio.

The Artist Playbook is a resourceful place for creatives to learn + grow + balance life on and offline. 

happy to you're here with us!

My goal is to help you do what you do, show it off in YOUR style, and take it to the bank 💸 💸 💸


The Spiritual CEO

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Michele Lee is a Right-Brained Entrepreneur and teacher.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on How to design your own business while helping you understand the power of your energy + intentions. 

Mixing design, tech, and branding into helping you become a more self-sufficient Entrepreneur.

Michele is an eccentric nerd.

Design + Branding + Marketing Expert

Delivering a blend of MINDFULNESS + BUSINESS

Michele has been a studying the Healing Arts for over 20yrs. Quantum psychics, Reiki, Mind/Body, Aromatherapy, Colortherapy, and the Law of Attraction.  

Her professional Art background is as a Professional Makeup/Hair stylist + Photographer. Her work has been seen in ELLE, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Men's Fitness, Maxim, Shape, Fast Company, NBC, Showtime, The Style Network, HBO and The Tonight Show to name a few. 

Michele lives in Arizona surrounded by palm trees + the most beautiful sunsets in the world! She is the creator of The Mindful Studio launching this summer and coaches creatives 1 on 1.

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