The Artist Playbook
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Hey, I'm Michele!

I am here to help you tune into yourself from the inside out.

To teach you how to mindfully trust your intuition and tune into your abundance.


We are here to manifest our own destiny.

Why not design the one you really want?

I believe you were drawn here to be reminded...  

you have the power to shift your reality.

My mission here is to help you understand yourself on a deep level.


I am an Indigo Artist who has a love for ancient story telling and modern mysticism.

I have sharpened all my clair's in my Intuitive back pocket.

It's been a life-long personal study. Or should I say,

A survival mechanism.


Before I fully understood my gifts.

I was the kid who grew up "reading the room", feeling other peoples' feelings, dreaming about future events, seeing spirits float around in my room, and physically feeling the world around me.

It was ON all the time and was incredibly awkard because of it.


Yep. I was quite the interesting kid.


The difference now is I understand myself.

I know how to use my gifts, protect them, and value myself in the process.

Because being Sensitive is actually a SUPER POWER. 

If someone says you’re weird, say ‘Thank you.’
— Ellen DeGeneres
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By nature I have always been the give, give, giver...

Unfortanetly that attracts the take, take, takers...


Professionally I pursued a career as an Artist.

Creating become my solice.

I love having no concept of time. 

It's where I do my best work. 

For this reason, it was very important to me to be able to...


it just took me awhile to understand myself.

  • Why was I so hyper sensitive?
  • Why don't the people I love appreciate me?
  • How is this actually a GIFT damn it?!

I struggled to find the balance in all areas of my life. 

By doing what I loved, not taking life "so personally", and feeling secure.


Which is tricky business for someone with their heads in the clouds

But the more I invested time into really, truly honoring myself.

Life started to change for the better.

Before I was so caught up unconsciously people pleasing that I put myself on a back burner.


In so many areas of my life.

Saying one thing but feeling another. Even though I've always thought I had been super up front.

I wasn't.

Mainly with the people I loved the most would take the most advantage.

I don't blaim them.


I don't blaim anyone anymore...

This is my life. 

I taught them how to treat me that way because I never felt enough.


My relationships had so much mismatched energy. It trickled into my business.


I struggled to do what I love. Being a professional artist and being an entrepreneur.

Overwhelmed by my own gifts. Not feeling worth it.

Jumping from moment to moment. Living paycheck to paycheck. 


But I knew deep down it wasn't a curse. I knew I needed to master my Intuition so I could starting living my life in Alignment.


I started staying true to me. And boom. It naturally kicked up all Intuitive gifts even more than before.


The equation was simple.

The more I loved myself and others unconditionally, without expectations and trusted the information I would get (from myself).


Life become easy, effortless, and had more meaning.

I took 100% responsibility for me. 


Life flowed, "lessons" became opportunities, and I viewed life in a whole new way. 


I directed my focus to stay in full alignment with myself.

no matter what.

I began magnetizing my truest desires out of thin air.

By not even trying.




I took my gifts and years of trial and error to master my digital presence as an Artist relying on my website to support me. I started designing my own website in 2001.

Mastered design, branding by being a photographer + stylist for almost 20 yrs, and digital marketing strategies. 

Cause I dig automation and not having to work any harder than I need to. 

I did that. 

It's not neccasary anymore. 

When it comes to mastering the digital world of your creative business.

I help you take your digital situation and turn it into an effecient marketing machine.

All by using your own talent, dedication to consistency, and a digital architecture magical strategt tips I have up my back pocket to get you there. 


It doesn't matter how intuitivetalented, or driven you are.

It's all about how you navigate your own energy.

Energy flows where attention goes...
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So whether you've started here with the Intuitive Quiz, watched the Intuition 101 video, surfed the blog, or book an Intuitive or Digital Strategy session.

The Artist Playbook is here as a resource for you to learn how to get comfortable in your own skin, celebrate your sensitive self, and thrive in life on and offline. 


My goal is to remind you are gifted beyond measure, here to do what you LOVE, show it off in your STYLE, and reap the benefits in more ways than one...🔮💸💜


Her Intuition was her favorite Super Power
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Michele Lee is an Indigo + Artist Entrepreneur

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on how to tune into your gift of Intuition + master your digital world. 

Michele has studied the Healing Arts for 20 + yrs, Quantum psychics, Reiki, Mind/Body, Natural healing, Aromatherapy, Colortherapy, and the Law of Attraction.  

As a Freelance Artist working for herself. She unwillingly become a tech nerd and a digital marketing expert. Michele can take a beautiful digital mess and turn it into a simple effecient set-up. 

Her professional Art background is as a Freelance Makeup/Hair stylist + Photographer. Her work has been seen in ELLE, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Men's Fitness, Maxim, Shape, Fast Company, NBC, Showtime, The Style Network, HBO and The Tonight Show to name a few...

Michele lives in Arizona surrounded by palm trees + the most beautiful sunsets in the world. She teaches Workshops on Law of Attraction, Intuition, and Digital Strategy for the highly creative entrepreneurs.

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