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michele lee | The Artist Playbook


Hey! I am Michele Lee. The Artist behind the Playbook. I help driven Creatives use their talent to design a successful business.

I've created an online community for Artist Entrepreneurs to learn how to use your own talents and intentions to master their online business. I have a way of making tech stuff seem easy and offer best practices to help you stay true to yourself while effortlessy building your online community Like a Boss

Running a business doesn't mean running yourself into the ground.

Burn out is a REAL. And a real drag.

Learning how to manage your time efficiently is where it's at. Cause working more for less, being unorganized, and giving yourself no days off = NO FUN!

I hope you find The Artist Playbook a resourceful place whether you are apart of the Artist to Entrepreneur Society, catching one of my Workshops, surfing the Notes, checking out the Tools, or apart of my Facebook crew. I aspire to help you do what you do, show it off in YOUR style, and take it to the bank.


The meaning of life is to find your gift.
— Pablo Picasso


Michele Lee is a intuitive digital bestie for the Right Brained Creative Entrepreneurs doing it all themselves. 

Her passion to share her knowledge on how to live the dream of living off your Art while effortlessly being self-sufficient using technology to make business + life easier. 

Before The Artist Playbook she was a Freelance Makeup/ Hair stylist + Photographer. Working in Fashion and Advertising her work has been seen in ELLE, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Men's Fitness, Maxim, Shape, Fast Company, NBC, Showtime, The Style Network, HBO and The Tonight Show...

Michele lives in Arizona surrounded by cowboys + cactus + the most beautiful sunsets in the world. She mentors Artist creatives in 1:1 trainings in Squarespace + Strategy + Convertkit. And is launching the eaglerly awaited membership The Members' Studio this spring! 





But when it comes to designing your online business, not so much. You thought how hard can it be? Then after a few goes you're left wondering why the F isn't this working?!

A process you thought would be a "cake walk" became a total "time suck". 

The GOOD NEWS is there are ways to make life easier. 

I will show you.

Because if you are a Creative, you LOVE to be in CONTROL.
And would never have it any other way...