Brand Yo-Self! You can totally DIY

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Brand Yo-Self!

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business!

All of the artists I know DIY it. But, creating your brand takes a bit more than just a website and your art. Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Your overall brand speaks for your business so you want the visual messaging to be clear through your choices and blend together.

So whether you've already started or just getting started. Here are a few JUMP START TIPS to BRAND or REBRAND.


COLOR - pick 2-3 colors. you can search the HEX codes in your account. so you can seamlessly use the color in your fonts (if you wish) in your website. 
*ones you're drawn to that compliment to your work.

FONTS - pick 2-3 fonts. Squarespace offers so many font options, so take digital notes and / or screenshot when you find ones you like so you can search for them later. 
* this will be your go-to base for all your media

PHOTOS - pick all of the photos of your art that represents who you are marketing to. group them together in terms of marketing needs. Your profile / bio shots should all be the same photo. 

When your still searching for the overall feel of your branding choosing inspiration shots such as; person, place, font, color, plants can be helpful to nail down the vibe when you are unsure. You can create and resize your profile shots, headers, social prompt, etc. dimensions all in canva later!

IMAGES for your...


home page


social share

header/ footer





Facebook fan page









PINTEREST - then create Pinterest boards (secret mode) for this project where you can collect all your ideas! you can upload your own photos, too. 

*choose everything you are drawn to then you will narrow it down when you are done.

The GOAL is to create your cohesive Brand that compliments each online platform, your work, and your audience. 

Have fun!