THE BEGINNING | online business 101


THE BEGINNING | online business 101


The Beginning 101. Starting a new chapter is super exciting! You're taking your dream and turning it into reality. Juggling multiple to-do lists. Setting up apps, software, and content. Designing your site and your new business life. YES!

Then day turns to night. You have no idea what time it is and you've unwillingly landed in a time-sucking vortex.

Talking to your computer. 

"Why is this happening to me!?"

Sort of laugh crying because you realize you've done this to yourself. Because YOU had a DREAM!

This is the time to remember your "Why". And cut yourself some slack.

Because you've technically gone back to school.
Adult style.
No grades.
No awards.
No graduation. 

Just working away everyday. One step closer to building the business you first dreamt of.

You just didn't realize it would be a bazillion little steps to get there.


This is the time to REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED

Your teaching yourself new EVERYTHING.  Spending countless hours on your computer. Trying to take it all in, understand it and make it work.

With the intention of doing everything you can without burning yourself out. It's a slippery slope!

Here is 3 Tips to keep you going!

  • Learning something new causes the brain to build connections between neurons. 
  • Repetition puts you on autopilot, and when we're paying less attention, the hours fly by.
  • Novel experiences give you a rush of dopamine.

How cool is that?! Basically everytime your learn something new and keep at it. It WILL BECOME SECOND NATURE. 

If you want to speed up your process I suggest taking an Online Course. One that will walk you through step by step. Keep you on track and organized. 

A one stop resource that has all the answers right in front of you to view as many times as you want without having to do the research yourself. SCORE.

Just remember giving yourself time to DO THE WORK. You'll start to breeze through these new challenges with a healthy mindset. Ditching the excuses. Kicking your obstacles to the curb. Because you're determined. 

NEW BEGINNINGS set the tone. So be gentle on yourself, don't forget your "why" and search out help when you need it! 

Your FUTURE SELF will thank you.