How to add a Dropdown Menu in Squarespace

How to add a Dropdown Menu in Squarespace

How to add a Dropdown Menu in Squarespace

DROP IT like it's...

Looking to add a Dropdown Menu in your Squarespace and can't figure it out!

One where you  just see the live linked page in your Navigation, hover over it and ta da...There are your other page(s) below it?

Well then, I've got the answers for you. Follow along!


* step by step PICTURES + Gif video 👊🏼

how to add a dropdown menu to Squarespace


  • Create a Folder by clicking the + sign. 
    • note: you can do this in the main, secondary, or footer navigation. as well as, the "not linked" navigation.
  • Click Folder.
  • Name your New Folder.
  • Then Create a page [+ Add Page ] within the Folder.
    • note: you can add a page in any another navigation point or pull/drag a page into the Folder
  • Name your New Page title.
  • You now have a Dropdown menu with your new Folder + new Page. 
    • shown here in the Main Navigation 
  • Hover over your new Folder to view the new Page in your Dropdown menu. 

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