Educate your Clients

Educate your Clients

Educate your Clients

A simple rule often overlooked. Yet, highly rewarding in not only time management, but all the way around. Creating a solid relationship from the beginning. It doesn't matter if it's a service, a product or an experience. It all counts. When you start with the basics. Setting up the details for each service then making a hard copy to give to your client. Or having this on your website depending on what you do or sell. It sets the tone. If you hire or buy from me, this is what you get.  Plain and simple. No surprises. Directing the details from start to finish will best benefit you as a service provider and/or an online store owner. 




Never underestimate a simple question from a client. If you are crystal clear on your experience. Hint. There will not be a lot of questions. 

WHY? Builds Trust. Demonstrates your a professional. You've put them at ease if questions do come up. They know they can always reference the paperwork, site, or ask you. This practice also affirms your rates.

Clear transparency will keep your customer service on point. People dig it.