Give Back, Giveaway from Melyssa Griffin!

Give Back, Giveaway from Melyssa Griffin!


Give Back, Giveaway from Melyssa Griffin!

One of my teachers, Melyssa Griffin has created a gofundme page for Pencils Of Promise! I love she is doing this because. Giving Back is what it's all about. 

The donations go to build two schools in Ghana, helping tens of thousands of children get an education for many years to come. 

When you donate at certain levels, you'll get access to her best courses and offers, Like a free month from my family, I work with over at Convertkit

Melyssa is a badass blogger that inspires me to no end. She's even matching these donations to up to $20,000. Because who knew you could be a millionaire blogging? I didn't and she is.



Give Education. Get Education!

This offer she's created with this Fundraiser last for 2 weeks. So if your interested in learning from one of the best teachers' on Blog + Business and helping these kids. Then the time is right. Now. 

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