Your business has a FEVER and the only perscription is...

show up


and stay in Alignment!

Or Christopher Walken is gonna show up on your door with Will Ferrell in a half-shirt.

So if you are ready to expand your MIND, INCOME, BUSINESS, and AUDIENCE.

Can I get a OH YES!


Let's do this.


In our time together we will devise your playbook to cater to you and your business.

After you book your session. I get straight to work.

You will have a personalized playbook for us to use as a Roadmap during our time. And a guide for you to follow after our session to keep you on track.

It’s an action packed 2 hrs via screen share of clarity, inspiration, and a strategy of simple steps to help you take ACTION on your own!

I plan like an Architect. But think like an Artist.

Our session will be a mix of…

Structured + Free style


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