Design your Creative Business

artist entrepreneurs

You are super talented, inspired and determined. But you've come to the point where a million little details are totally KILLING YOUR VIBE.

It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or you've been in the business 10 + years and need an expert to bounce ideas off of. Either way I'm here to help you!

I get it. It's so easy to overwhelmed on where to Start, Stop, or Go when your navigating your own path.

You thought how hard it be to...
Market myself, design a website, and make money doing what I love?

Frustrated, in need of clarity, worn down and NO REAL PLAN. All the details are evaporting your time into thin air.
They are Gone.

Not sure how to effectively brand, build your audience, or focus on what's important.  
Results in...

NO loyal tribe + NO consistent revenue = NO FUN.

This is when it's time mentoring comes in!





In each session we will review your moment, tackle it, and weed out the noise.


Bring clarity to your visions + focus on what is most important.


Let go of the blocks keeping you stuck and rewrite a new story that aligns with your dream of happiness + success in your business.


Organize like a Pro. Learn the best practices to help you get things done and still have time for you!


Squarespace + online systems + nerd tips to quickly implement into your business to make sure you're all synced, locked & loaded.


Put in the time, do the work, and wrap each action step with ease. Ready for each new session with a clean slate + new goals to crush!

  • Ready to Fine-tune your business

  • excited to make the time and do the work

  • desire a clear strategy so you're not all over the place

  • love making excuses, procrastinating, staying in the same place

  • are a know it all not willing to change your outlook 

  • have no interest investing in your future self or business